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Daily Horoscope for Wednesday, January 17

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The sun moves into independent Aquarius on Wednesday and will help you attract a lot of positive attention for your efforts. Travel snafus could cause some confusion this weekend, so have a backup plan in place. Have a cozy winter weekend at home under the light of Saturday's full moon. The sun moves into visionary Aquarius on Wednesday and will help you set bold new goals. You are cable of achieving whatever you set your mind to! Just check the fine print with all money-related transactions this week and don't overspend.

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Saturday's full moon is a great time to reconnect with old friends and make new acquaintances. This week is all about getting in touch with what you truly want.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This will occur on both individual and collective levels. You could have some disruptions in this area, but with your attitude, they'll seem like minor upsets. Your energy, charisma, et al, return powerfully! Your Pisces Monthly Horoscope. Where do you see yourself ten years from now?

You will have a chance to focus on your deepest desires after the sun moves into strategic Aquarius on Wednesday. Be bold and go for what you want deep down inside. It will be better in the long run.

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Pamper yourself during this Saturday's full moon. This week is all about collaboration and teamwork. Your intuition is sharp at the beginning of the week, so take care of others the way you wish to be treated yourself. It will yield major rewards! The sun moves into your opposite sign on Aquarius on Wednesday and encourages you to find the best possible solution for everyone.

This is also an amazing week to find love! Mixed messages at work will be an nuisance Friday, and while it may take a while to untangle the drama, there is no permanent damage. The sun moves into visionary Aquarius on Wednesday and reminds you to hold clear to your own vision of what you want. If you stay focused, nothing can get in your way now! Just be cautious Friday when mixed messages cause confusion.

Saturday's full moon is very romantic, and encourages cozy cuddling and time at home. Your relationships may be moving in a new direction this week.

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A mixed bag of aspects means that while your work instincts are right on, you may have to play defense with other people's erratic behavior. The sun moves into visionary Aquarius on Wednesday and will give you the confidence to hold you own even though others may be all over the place. A family drama from the past may rear its ugly head again Friday.

Be a voice of reason. Saturday's full moon will see a love connection blossom with a friend or colleague. Balance out your can-do attitude with some patience this week, Scorpio. The sun moves into unique Aquarius on Wednesday, and you will benefit from balancing out your hectic schedule with some mellow family time. This week is all about learning and trying new things. Let your instincts guide you rather than pushing forward with old plans and agendas that may not be working anymore.

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On Tuesday, the sun moves into social-minded Aquarius and will help you connect with friends and acquaintances who can help make your dreams a reality. Read the fine print since everything is not as it seems. Thanks to the full moon Saturday, this week is a perfect time for a getaway. Taurus women will welcome guests at their home or will go somewhere. It will be important for you to not stay out of social networking for the past seven days. Men will be impatient with their actions, which will often be a source of controversy or conflict.

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Avoid jealousy and do not give a reason for such. Taurus Weekly Horoscope 7 - 13 October, If you were born under the sign of Taurus, this week you will experience anxiety about a trip or have a relationship with people who live in another city or country.

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You will engage with the health of a loved one, who is likely to rely on you for a help, support, or advice. During this week, your contacts with people from other cities or countries will be complex and almost always related to solving a problem or event planning. Use some favorable trends this week to solve financial problems with relatives or people you have special relationships with. During the week, cash in your personal or family budget can make you happy.

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Meeting or talking to a woman will put your patience to the test. You will have in front of you a person who blames everyone else for everything but does not see her own guilt. Complicated development will be involved in love relationships, in which there is clearly and without secrets a third person involved. Jealousy will be justified, but that does not mean that one must resort to rudeness and insult. There is a civilized way of talking about this topic.