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I just love, love, love doing tarot readings and everything else connected with tarot and astrology. Capricorn October Current Love Energy Update. I just love, love, love doing tarot readings and everything else connected with tarot and astrology. Sun sign in Alexandra Vivite Somnia Aquarius YES!.

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Aquarius SPECIAL BOND - SPECIAL STORY! January to February 12222

This comment form is under antispam protection. One evening in , when I was seven, I was sent round to my grandmother's house for tea. For some reason I didn't knock at the door as I went in, and was confronted by my grandmother, naked, with her grey hair hanging down to her waist, standing in a circle drawn on the kitchen floor. Regaining her composure, she told Sanders to step into the circle, take off his clothes, and put his head between his thighs.

As he did so, she took a sickle-knife and nicked his scrotum, saying, "You are one of us now. He was taught clairvoyance first by scrying in inky water, then in his grandmother's crystal. Gardnerian High Priestess Patricia Crowther tells a different story. According to letters she claims she received from him in , he did not then claim to be an initiate, but felt an affinity with the occult and had experienced second sight.

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Do your thing… Follow my Instagram here for astrology Jon Rasmussen will give a talk on the subject of the perpetually recurring life of the spirit, and how we can contact and expand our inner light. This practice activates the chi subtle life energy and stimulates the circulation. Queering the Tarot with Cassandra Snow. Brought to Grace Cathedral by The Rev. Come hear this celebrated local author talk about his word game book and how you can instill in young people a love for language while teaching them the fifty states and other fascinating facts.

Maxine Sanders also maintained that although Sanders was later initiated into Wicca, he was indeed taught a form of witchcraft by his grandmother when he was young. She describes Mrs Bibby as an austere lady, wise in folklore, who taught her grandson magic with his mother's knowledge and permission; [1] all of Sanders' brothers were also psychic, she says:.

Sanders would be carrying on with the chores regardless of the apparitions in attendance. When Sanders publicly revealed himself as a witch, however, Mrs. Sanders feigned shock and threatened a nervous breakdown. According to Maxine Sanders, Sanders also worked for a while as a healer in Spiritualist Churches under the pseudonym Paul Dallas; a famous medium called Edwards discovered him and his brothers and wanted them to do a stage show, however they refused, believing their clairvoyance, healing and mediumship to be divine gifts not to be misused.

Towards the end of the war he began working for a manufacturing chemist's laboratory in Manchester. He married a co-worker, nineteen-year-old Doreen Stretton, in when he was 22, using the name Alexander O Sanders. They had two children, Paul and Janice. According to Maxine Sanders, Sanders was grief-stricken and cursed Doreen with fertility; she remarried and had three sets of twins.

It was also while working in a pharmaceutical company that he became friends with Maxine Sanders's mother, however they lost contact for a while, probably due to the "intense dislike" that her atheist father had for him.

Aquarius SPECIAL BOND - SPECIAL STORY! January to February

After the Second World War and his separation from Doreen and the children, Sanders felt isolated by his occult knowledge, and decided to live a life of the " left hand path " after having drifted from one low-level job to another and had sexual affairs with both men and women. I made a dreadful mistake in using black magic in an attempt to bring myself money and sexual success. It worked all right — I was walking through Manchester and I was accosted by a middle-aged couple who told me that I was the exact double of their only son, who had died some years previously. They took me into their home, fed and clothed me, and treated me as one of the family.

They were extremely wealthy, and in , when I asked them for a house of my own, with an allowance to run it on, they were quite happy to grant my wishes. I held parties, I bought expensive clothes, I was sexually promiscuous; but it was only after a time that I realised I had a fearful debt to pay. One of Sanders' mistresses who he was particularly fond of committed suicide; his sister Joan was injured in an accidental shooting and shortly after diagnosed with terminal cancer.

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During this period he also studied the works of Abramelin. Apparently angels told him [6] to seek employment in as a porter, book-duster and odd-job man in the John Rylands Library , Manchester, where he could access an original copy of the Key of Solomon. Within weeks an allegation that he had defecated in the library basement led to the discovery that he had damaged a late 19th century edition of the S. L Mathers translation of the 'Key of Solomon' by ripping out the plates and taking them home.

According to his own admission he dismantled this book and borrowed it a few pages at a time for copying; discovery of this nearly led to Sanders' prosecution but the librarians allowed him an amnesty on condition that the materials were safely returned, after which he was dismissed without charges being brought against him. Sanders' first contact with Wicca was in the early s, through correspondence and meetings with Patricia Crowther. In September , he succeeded in convincing the Manchester Evening News to run a front-page article on Wicca.

He was eventually initiated by a priestess who had been a member of the Crowthers' coven, and with whom Maxine Sanders later worked for several years. Eventually, Sylvia and several others left the group amicably, leaving Sanders to continue as High Priest. By he claimed 1, initiates in covens. He proclaimed himself "King of the Witches".

Among his alleged magical feats is the creation of a "spiritual baby," called Michael, who became one of his familiars. The birth is to have resulted from a sacred act of masturbation which occurred between Sanders and a male assistant. Supposedly Michael forcibly made Sanders carry on at wild parties, insult people and otherwise act abominably.

Sanders channelled with another familiar too, Nick Demdike, who claimed to have been persecuted as a witch at the Lancaster Pendle witch trials of the 17th century, and although the name Demdike does appear in the trial records, there was no Nick Demdike. Sanders apparently joined other esoteric and chivalric orders beginning in , which numbered 16 in , and possibly more before his death. His healing feats include getting rid of warts by wishing them on someone else, "Someone who's already ugly with boil marks, I can fill up with warts.

He is claimed to have cured a woman of cancer by sitting with her in a hospital for three days and nights, while holding her feet and pouring healing energy into her. He also healed by pointing to trouble spots on people's bodies and concentrating. He claimed pointing never failed. He performed abortio by pointing and then commanding the pregnancy to end.

Some women he helped by also sending them to certain physicians for the procedure. But others could not afford the physician's fees. Once it is recorded he ended a pregnancy by returning the soul to the Divine. One of Sanders' most famous alleged cures involved his daughter Janice, who was born in dry labour with her left foot twisted backwards.

Physicians had said nothing could be done for the foot until the girl reached her teens.

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An "impression" from Michael instructed Sanders to anoint the foot with warm olive oil. Having done this, Sanders turned his daughter's foot straight. The foot stayed corrected. Janice walked normally except for a slight limp in cold, damp weather. During the s Sanders met Arline Maxine Morris Maxine Sanders , 20 years his junior, whom he initiated into the Craft and made his high priestess.

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In they handfasted , and in they married in a civil ceremony [9] and moved into a basement flat near Notting Hill Gate in London, where they ran their coven and taught classes on Witchcraft. Many followers came to them. Earlier that year their daughter Maya Alexandria was born. Alex Sanders, as a bisexual man, also had a number of relationships with men during his relationship with Maxine [10] [11].

The projection of Sanders into the national public spotlight resulted from a sensational newspaper article in which led to the romanticised biography, King of the Witches , by June Johns in , and the film Legend of the Witches These led to greater publicity, guest appearances on talk-shows, and public speaking engagements. It seemed to other Witches that Sanders was exploiting the Craft and dragging it through the gutter press. According to Maxine Sanders, Sanders never courted publicity, but was simply unable to avoid it.