Name numerology calculator based on date of birth 8 january in tamil

Your Numerology Number is One And just as it is impossible to create a number -- no matter how large -- that can not be divided by one, it is likewise impossible to observe an event or action that is not essentially organized.

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Therefore, the answer to our question of whether luck is arbitrarily distributed must be no. There has to be some complex but structured pattern behind the seemingly random allocation of luck. However, understanding that pattern will probably always be impossible. What may not be beyond our reach is discovering some element within that pattern that appears to influence or manipulate its path. An example of a complex pattern -- so complex that it is considered wholly random -- is the distribution of fifty million lottery tickets from thousands of locations all over the country, followed by a random drawing to select a winner.

Unless some insider concocts a way to cheat the selection process, no one will be able to predict or influence this pattern. But there is another development that intersects with the process of a lottery, and that is the story of the winner who has his or her own complex patterns of events and choices. Those patterns bring the winner to the location that received the winning ticket, and then deliver that ticket to the winner from among hundreds or thousands of non-winners.

Perhaps there is a way to influence an individual's personal patterns to make him or her just a bit more likely to become the holder of a winning ticket. And this is where the concept of lucky numbers comes into play. Feeling lucky? According to Numerology, everyone's life -- and think of life, in this context, as a vast arrangement of infinitely complex patterns -- is influenced and defined by numbers.

Lots and lots of numbers. Some of these numbers remain attached to a person for life, while others change yearly or even daily. Some influence major aspects of self, while others affect only a small piece of one's makeup. Hidden within the intricate array of numbers in a person's Numerology chart are numbers that seem to improve his or her "luckiness quotient.

A study of thousands of people and their Numerology charts suggest that certain numbers have specific effects on the people connected to them. Each and every one of us has "lucky numbers," for instance. There are algorithms behind those numbers, upon which lucky number software programs are based. You can always benefit from knowing your personal lucky numbers by inserting them into things you use every day, like your phone number, personalized license plate and so forth.

Please help me or guide me. I was born on My name spell as Deepak. I am Pradeep, Wife Mrs. Prasuna blessed with Baby Girl on 20th April Please give your valuable suggestion. Hi Sir, I have one doubt about my son, his name is shreyaan, is it correct name for him? Ku and Gha are coming as per the rashi. We could hardly get good amount of names starting with Gha letter.

In such case can we think of giving name starting with S? Please guide us in this. Its urgent and we need to finalise by tomorrow i. Please guide me on this. We are blessed with a baby girl this June Can u suggest some good names for him.. Following are the details Date of Birth — 17 June , Rashi and Numerology, we are getting confused what name should we give to our baby girl.

Can girls name add up to 8 or 4 in numerology? Dear Sir, Our baby girl born on at 1: Please let us know the letters on which we should put her name. Please give your advice to us , if any changes. My boy baby was born on 16th June at 9: Can you please suggest me what should be number including addition of alphabets when i select a name for the child?

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Dear Sir, i have been blessed with a girl child this 13th June at 3. I want to name my child as per vedic astrology, however due to unawareness about astrology i am unable to decide her name. Kindly suggest suitable alphabets that should start the name. Dear Sir, I was blessed with a baby girl on 4th July at 1: I want to name her as per Vedic astrology and would request your advice. Also I would be grateful if you can throw some light on her stars as per her birth time and if there are any remedial measures required for her well being and for a bright future.

My name is Aparna…we are blessed with Baby girl, we would like to Give the best suitated name which would give her good luck and health througout life with prosperity. As per my baby birth details.. Kindly correct and please suggest best lucky name. Uttarashada, not sure about padam.. Kindly request you to please suggest the best name as per astrology n numerology at the earliest. Sir We have been blessed with Boy baby on July time morning.

Regards tamil Maran M Sudha. Please suggest a name for her. We are blessed with a baby boy on 8th July at 12;50 am.


Is it a good time? From the calender, we came to know that it is mithuna rasi, thiruvathirai nakshathram. According to numerology, we have selected the names as Srivant or Swastik.

all about numerology number 8

Please let us know which is a suitable name from the above two according to his birth star. Please suggest the alfabet of my new born baby his dob 2nd July time 7. First of all, please accept my heartiest congratulations for doing such an splendid job by giving guidance to so many parents to ensure their babies future is properly crafted w. My son was born on We named him Manav n he is almost 3 years now. Someone suggested us to change his name. I seek your guidance. Please suggest, is the name to be changed? If yes, what should be the initial letter n what should be the single digit of the name.

Kindly let us know the suitable name for my baby… Nivedhita Navya Nita Neha. Dear sir, My girl baby born We are located at nerul west navi mumbai. Pls guide me if the date n time to welcome the baby us appropriate auspucious n good for my baby n his or her family. And also would like to know the initial letters to be used to name the new born as the zodiac sign.

What Is Numerology And What Are The Different Indicators?

Horoscope matching. We parents are very cautious about his caring in every aspect. They are transmitted in encrypted form and stored in our server during the entire session of your visit. We are unable to find any Telugu names starting with letter Hoo. February 21, Birthdate Meaning.

I request you to suggest a better name for her as per numerology and as per the birth star swati. We want to name hin Advaith, is this name duitable to him please suggest us. And We want to have a naming ceremony in october month end at his 5th month sge. Can you please suggest if Advaith name duits him and suggest us a an auspecious date in octobet please. Hi Sir, We have blessed with a Baby boy child on Jul time 3. Dear sir, My name is sumanta kumar jaiswal but this name is not lucky for me.

Name Number

Calculating name number helps to have a lucky name matching birth horoscope 8= f, p. According to Baby Names Numerology Calculator designed by He adviced to sum up the birth date, month and year to get a number - e.g., for 15th January born baby, birth date numerology will be TAMIL EXCLUSIVE. South indian numerology. The relationship between a number and human's name. Tamil-Numerology. Name. Date of birth. Year, , , , ,

Dear Sir we are blessed with a baby boy on 24th July at 6. Birth place is Dombivlithane Dist, Mumbai. His rasi is Makara. I want his name to be Jash is it good? Sir, My son is born on 9th Aug at 3. Which number should his name sum up to? Which letter should him name start with? How can i meet you sir..? I am put up at bangalore.

Baby names as per numerology and birthstar based on date of birth

My name is Mohankumar. Pls help us in selecting the best name for my son, by saturday, since we have planned to do the naming cermony on sunday. Saw your website and appreciative of the goodwork you are doing. Can you send me your email address. Tharan Pranav who born in This is my humble request, please suggest name for my younger son. Mrityunjay Seeking your advise, thanking you in advance sir. What alphabet should not be included in the name of a baby girl born on 9th August in Mumbai at 8.

Also please inform how many alphabets the name should have as per numerology? Sir My daughter born at hrs on 10 Aug 13 at Bangalore. Please suggest the alphabets and names which suits the baby as per numerology. My son birth date is 08th Aug, , at 2. Request you to please suggest the suitable name as per the astrology. Birth Date — 14 Aug Birth time — Dear sir, first of all would like to thankyou for helping online.

We are blessed with a baby boy on 7th August at 9. The naming ceremony is on 5th september. Thanks again for reading my post. Dear sir, My baby boy born on 22 August at 4. Dear sir, my name is Rajesh and my wife name is Shyla, we were blessed with a baby boy on 28th august at Please suggest me to which name I select. Dear Sir i am facing many plms and sycological dippresion. Sir i need your advice for correcting my name or i will change my name entirely if you advice. My Daughter born on 27th July Can you please suggest suitable name as per Numerology.

Sir, Please tell the alphabet to start and the number of letters, here is the details of my baby girl DOB: My son born on 9 th september at 6: We are planning to name as Jaden Aarav. My name is John praveen kumar. R DOb and my Wife A. Please suggest if this name is ok or any changes to be made.

Hello Sir, My son is born on 27th Jan , 5pm. His sun sign is Kataka rasi, ashlesha star. Please suggest some good names for him. Dear sir, My son was born on Dear sir I forget to mention time of birth of my son it was ,time Hi sir my daughter was born on 23 A isugust at So my rquest please give me the suitable name for her best future. My baby boy born on Sep 6: Could you please suggest the suitable name as early as possible and also the date to have the naming ceremony. My baby girl was born on 8th October at 6. My twins girls were born on 2nd October at 1. Place Aurangabad Maharashtra Pl.

My Girl Baby born on August 19th at Kindly help us to get a suitable name for her. Looking for your valuable reply. Hi, I am blessed with a baby boy on Can u pls suggest name should be started with which letter. Respected sir I would like if u suggest my daughter name bcos I m unable to find any meaningful name my daughter D.

Please let me know if this would be perfect for my son. Respected,my daughter was born on 16th may, at 5. Presently no job, May I know when there will be a chance of getting new job. I will be obliged if you will suggest me for the remedy even in numerology. We are blessed with a baby boy on 1st Nov in New Delhi at Would tequest you if you could help us in choosing the baby name. We are blessed with baby girl on 07 Nov in chennai at Please suggest better name for him as per numerology pls..

Would request you if you could help us in choosing the baby name. She was born at jigani, Anekal taluk, Bangalore district. We dont know it is correct or not in both numerologicaly and horoscopicaly. Please give me which is the first alphabet character for above mentioned date of birth and rashi nakshatra. We are waiting for your valuable suggestion. Dear Sir, Please find my son name. Hello sir my baby boy born on 22july n time 9. My baby boy born with 22july n time of birth 9.

April 26th , 5: His grand father undergone major surgery and my husband means his father lost his job. Please suggest whether he has any birth doshas and recommend any solutions. I just want to know when i will get pregnant? Sir my baby date of birth is , am on Thursday which name is suitable whether vishrutha or rithanya plz replay me sir.

Am waiting for your reply. Hello sir, My baby girl was born on I kept her name as Aditi. Does the name good for her? We got a baby boy on 22nd Oct, in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Please suggest a suitable name for the baby.

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Kindly suggest the best hindu names for him. Some say calling name should start with different alphabet other than January name alphabet. Please clarify and provide me suitable name for my son. And my husband name is punil reddy.

Understanding Personal Numerology : How to Calculate Your Birth Number

I am searching for some good meaningful name according to his janma rashi nakshatra and numerology. My Name is R. Rekha and Female baby born on 6 November Friday at 3. Please suggest me name sir. Also why is 2 compatible with 1? Sir its very good information. It will will great help if u can provide me information about which num is compatible or non compatible with which other nums acc to numerology.

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Dear sir, My girl baby was born on 14th may at Mother name-Yashaswini,Ashwini nakshatra,mesha rashi. Could u please suggest the name starting letter or name. I am blessed with a lovely daughter and we named her TEAH.